"You Have to Act if You Want Change."

Assessment | Consulting | Training - all conducted and facilitated by experienced Doctoral, Masters prepared, Board Certified Leadership and Business Executive Coaches, consultants, and trainers. Licensed Counseling services on request.







To get to the root of problems our consultants can help by assessing performance, systems, and processes to identify what you need. 


We then use the results to customize methodical systems and strategies for leadership, performance improvement, strategic planning, inclusion, and gender equity.


The scope of assessments: organizational, leadership, personality, diversity & Inclusion, job/task analysis,  systems evaluation.


Coaching, Consulting, Counseling and Training.

Expertise: includes Leadership. Diversity & Inclusion. 

Inclusion-Driven Cultures

Organizational & Professional Development 

Women's Leadership.

It starts with YOU, the leader!


Because your DEI Program  Start-Up needs more than just Training, or the situation may require other interventions or methods to support it to fully address the problem, we offer a portfolio that includes:


Consulting: CCI will collaborate with the company’s leadership team, to take the assessment results and develop a tailored solution for individuals, teams, and companies.

Coaching: The coach approach is strengths-based, designed to build individual and company capacity to implement and sustain change performance measures, and HR solutions for performance excellence.

Counseling: Solution-focused, Strenghts-based counseling approach is provided as an option for those who would benefit from attention at a deeper level than Coaching. Christian Counseling available on request.

Our Portfolio of Methods:


Training is tailored to the identified skill gaps of the leader, team, and company.


It is Interactive & Integrated with change initiatives or provided as supplemental to already existing programs in your company.


Virtual, Interactive App, Experiential modules


Virtual Courses


VIP Days

1:1 Coaching 


Counseling- Appointment only

(Virtual Telehealth)

Hands-on Guidance to Goal Achievement;


Post-Training Assessments for ROI

Evaluation of program effectiveness, application of learning, and learning outcomes 


Inclusive Leadership: Why It Matters!

Hard-wired to Lead: Invisible Barriers & the Code of Silence 


Power Practices for Personal Leadership 

and more...

Developing Leaders as  Author. Speaker. Trainer.  Educator 


Carmel Connections Inc. is a registered Federal Contractor; FL VBS Vendor; Children’s Services Council Broward trainer.

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