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The Founder and Principal Consultant of Carmel Connections Inc. (CCI)  is a leader who has been developing and coaching leaders and individuals for more than 2 decades. Dr. Carmela has won awards as Author, Educator, and Community Programs developer. Her experience is in Business, Leadership, Bias & Diversity, Education, Healthcare, Community, and Ministry. A methodical systems architect who designs Tailored Services to give your leadership and company global advantage with measurable results.  

Personal experience with Leadership, Cultural Competency, and overcoming workplace barriers drives our mission to help others take back their power to become inclusion-driven culture transformers with their unique brilliance. Movement is to shift the needle from 5% to 30% of women leaders by 2030 across all sectors and companies.

                                      Click on the link for her Podcast 'In The Lead' shows with thought-provoking leadership topics, and                                                showcases the collective wisdom of powerful, influential women of color who lead across all sectors,                                             walks of life, and in the world.  

                                      Dr. Nanton is a Board-Certified Leadership/Executive Coach. Earned her doctorate from Columbia                                               University’s Organization and Leadership program. Her experience and two masters and a keen ability                                          to zero in with methodical system analysis on root problems to provide strategies. CCI's work.


                                      She recently interviewed with CUTV, featured an expert in Industry Experts Magazine, she has                                                      traveled the world for leadership development, workshops, research, and ministry in cross-cultural                                                engagement leaving her footprint in such places as the Bahamas, China, the Czech Republic,

                                      Hong Kong, India, Kenya, Malawi, Spain, UK, Canada, and across the US.

 Dr. Nanton is a twice-ordained Reverend, personal transformation facilitator, and spiritual coach, an avid sports fan,                    Song-writer and Recording Artist, who enjoys travel. 


BCC1410, MH15379, MT3407.

   Hard-Wired to Lead Women's Leadership Series, Vol. 2 Winner, International Book        Award 2020 in the Current Events Category. Vol.1 was a Finalist in the Women's Issues       category. The books challenge us to explore Power Secrets, Break the Code of Silence        and reConstruct Leadership practice and culture to prioritize Diversity, Equity and                  Inclusion, by breaking the culture of silence around women’s leadership. 

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The Transfer

Violence against women has been transferred to leadership practice. This book challenges the paradigms of practice and pushes the boundaries of leadership with a clear and compelling link between Domestic Violence and Abusive Leadership. Neither is value-neutral, and the behaviors are uncanny in similarity. Two cultural forces show how the transfer of violence is uncritically achieved. See how leaders as agents of transfer can become change agents.  It matters.



Tectonic Boundaries 

Much like how tectonic plates interact, this volume explores the convergent, divergent, and transforming interaction of multiple forces pressing against adult contemporary education. Presenting multiple perspectives and environments, topics include theory, pedagogy, technology, healthcare, workplace, and policy. We address possibilities and requirements for change in curriculum, philosophy, programs and practice, and present strategies for negotiating the interactive boundaries.


Social Capital and Women’s Support Systems

The concept of social capital goes back to the early twentieth century. Although it has sociological underpinnings, it has been primarily applied in the business arena. Increasingly, over the last two decades, there has been a proliferation of literature that proposes a broader application of the social capital concepts to women, communities, societies, adult learning, and now to leadership practice.


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